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When and Where

  • IDRR, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Stage 1, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - Get Directions
  • June 29, 2019 9:00 AM IST
    June 30, 2019 5:00 PM IST
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Event Details

For implant success, it is required to do a combination of procedures. Drilling for osteotomy and placing a crown is not sufficient. Here you will learn classical implantology to get stable Aesthetic and functional results predictably

Why Cadavers?

Learning on live patients to acquire the necessary skills for complex implant treatment is a major hurdle due to concerns about risky mistakes and of course the fear of litigation. Therefore this course was developed using fresh cadaveric specimens, and to teach complex surgical skills in implantology.

The cadavers provide the ideal safe environment for practical hands-on training.

All registered candidates get GMI (Spain) Implant KIT and 3 IMPLANTS 

  • 1st module June 29- 30 at IDRR Bangalore

    1. Introduction
    2. Macro & micro Implant designs and biomechanics; Implant components
    3. Bone physiology and metabolism
    4. Surgical anatomical considerations
    5. Diagnostic imaging and techniques
    6. Occlusion
    7. Treatment planning, patient evaluation & post-operative care.
    8. Flap designs
    9. Instrumentation
    10. Suture techniques
    11. Extraction site management
    12. Medical emergency and complications
    13. Pharmacology in Implant Dentistry
    14. The implant is not a tooth: Comparison with Periodontium
    15. Maintenance of dental implants: Implant quality of health scale


    2nd module  July  27- 28 at IDRR Bangalore

    1. Bone response to mechanical loading
    2. Pre-implant prosthodontics
    3. Principles of fixed implant prosthodontics
    4. Principles for the abutment and prosthetic screws and screw-retained components and prosthesis
    5. Impression techniques: latest advances
    6. Use of a stent-
    7. Occlusal considerations
    8. Progressive bone loading


    3rd module August  29 at IDRR & August   30  at Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre - Bangalore

    1. Advance flap designs
    2. Use of bone grafts
    3. Tissue engineering concepts in implantology
    4. Growth factor-stimulated therapy
    5. Socket shielding
    6. Piezosurgery
    7. Sinus procedures
    8. Nerve repositioning
    9. Peri-implantitis
    10. Failures and management


    Hands-on Activities

    • Abutment Selection
    • Impression Taking
    • Drilling Practice: Bone Density
    • Drilling Practice: Accuracy
    • Suture Practice
    • Interpreting an X-ray
    • Drilling Practice: Angulation
    • Pre-op Case Review for Live Surgery
    • All Procedures on Cadaver: 
      • Incision
      •   Flap designs
      •   Osteotomy
      •   Suturing techniques
      •   Direct sinus lift
      •   Indirect sinus lift
      •   Ridge splitting techniques
    • Live Surgery 

 Material s provided to the participants

  1. GMI (Spain) Implant KIT and 3 IMPLANTS 
  2. Models for the hands on.
  3. Expert advises and supports after the completion of the course.
Total Course fees Rs.88,000+GST. Pay Rs.13840 and Balance in 3 instalments of Rs.30,000 each on the first day of every module. BOOK NOW