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When and Where

  • IDRR, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Stage 1, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - Get Directions
  • February 8, 2020 6:00 AM IST
    February 10, 2020 9:00 AM IST
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Event Details

Faculty team

Dr.Sibi Xavier Dr Lalith Vivekananda   Dr Kedar Bakshi  
MDS (Perio) MDS (Perio)  F.I.S.O.I., F.I.O.C.I., D.I.C.O.I.(USA)

Following sessions will be completed in 9 days in spread over 45 DAYS in multiple Modules at IDRR and Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre - Bangalore

Enhancement And Marketing Aspect Of Implantology

  • How will you create scope for implants in day to day practice
  • Clinic set up and instruments.
  • How to make over dentures more profit making
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning considering faster and        predictable Implantology.
  • How will you present case to patients.

Basics In Implantology

  • Implant Terminology
  • Diagnosis:- Different Diagnostic Aids And Methods
  • Diagnostic Evaluation (cast, stents, opg, cbct  etc.)
  • Treatment Planning
  • How multi-type implant systems can benefit in different clinical situations.

Hands On And Table Demonstration

  • Implant Terminology And Components 
  • Surgical On Models
  • Prosthetics
  • Face Bow Transfer


  • Get feel of real soft tissue.  
  • Instruments and  instrumentation.
  • Learn and do basics in surgery incision, flap design,   
  • suturing. Get tips in performing clean surgeries which will
  • help you in implants, Perio, disimpactations, etc.

Diagnosis , Treatment Planning and Treatment Execution Considering Surgical Aspects And Prosthetic Needs

  • Evaluation of forces acting on implants
  • Evaluation of natural teeth
  • Bone as a foundation for predictable dental implants. Physiology and clinically important applied science.
  • Evaluation of bone in quality and quantity
  • Socket preservation
  • What are different techniques for bone manipulation and when to use them.
  • Grafting procedures – different graft materials , membranes
  • Direct and indirect sinus graft
  • Bone condensers and ridge split
  • Surgical-prosthetic orientation
  • Occlusion for natural dentition and implants
  • Correcting occlusal disease and TMD
  • Placing implants in high risk patients like bruxism , smoking
  • Making prostheses at correct guidance
  • Concept of immediate implantation and loading.
  • When to load implants immediately
  • Converting difficult situations in to predictable one.
  • Effective use of transitional implants
  • How to program Soft tissue and connective tissue grafting
  • Temporization
  • Progressive bone loading
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in detail considering surgico-prosthetic options and forces acting on prostheses and  implant bio-mechanics , soft tissue and correct occlusion
  • Different impression techniques , laboratory  steps (prosthetic phase in detail), facebow transfers
  • How to decide long term predictability of implants
  • Implant success and failure
  • Managing complications


  • Participants will diagnose the case, decide the predictable treatment plan and then place and restore implant   esthetically and functionally , under our expert guidance. ( implant , abutment, prostheses provided by us )
  • Diagnosis of occlusal disease and TMD  
  • When and how to use deprogrammers
  • Master keys for predictable occlusion
  • CR and face bow  transfer
  • Treatment options and treatment execution
  • Incorporating concepts of occlusion in day to day practice
  • Aesthetics and function
  • Pink and white aesthetics
  • Treatment planning considering aesthetics and occlusion
  • Evaluation of forces acting on implants
  • Occlusion for natural dentition and implants  
  • Making prostheses at correct guidance and removing interferences
  • Minimally invasive treatment options for  occlusion correction
  • Treatment for occlusion wear
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for occlusion wear
  • Diagnosing unstable occlusion and correcting it for stability
  • Treating patients with parafunctional habits
  • Treatment of migraine of dental origin
  • Deprogrammers
  • Equilibration procedure
  • Reducing Occlusal overload

    Course Fees
    Implant4U 9 Days Rs.150,000+GST = 177000   ( Option to Present a Scientific Paper at University of Jaume I Spain  at additional fees )

    Pay Advance  Rs.35400 and Balance in convenient installments.

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